This registration service brings together conventional tools thinking about transforming current working standards.

You’ll be able to bring together the best of Office 365 productivity with advanced security capabilities, device management, and the most secure and current version of Windows available at the moment to help protect your business.

A set of multiple cloud computing services hosted and managed by Microsoft data centers.

Technology aims to reduce human intervention in the use of computer applications, especially in repetitive tasks that vary very little in each iteration.

Software development capability dating from angular programming technologies and languages, React, vue, java, C-JAVASCRIPT, C++, PHP, .NET, among others.

We provide support to organizations aiming at m enhancing their business through using the data they already own and defining their structure.

At Malakai Group, you will have an ally in digital transformation as we provide you wit support to increasing productivity, boosting teamwork, reducing response times within the organization and reducing costs, thanks to our cloud-based solutions.