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Who is Globaltrips?
We are an in-the-cloud solution focused on the Hospitality Industry which enables you to manage the internal operation of your business in one place, with accessibility from any device. It widely includes booking modules, billing, room management, reports and statistics.


You can start massively increasing your sales over multiple channels. With Globaltrips, you’ll have everything set in one place freeing up time to tell stories with your guests.

Booking engine

You’ll be able to reduce commissions. Allow your guests to do their booking on your own website, without any queries or time delays.

Manage your hotel business easily and effectively

Save time and speed up your daily tasks with our user-friendly hotel software.
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Our products

Our products are highly adaptable so you can choose the one option that best suits your hotel needs the most. You will be able to singly choose or sort them out separately, suitably molding to implement solution in the business, and improving the pleasant experience of your guests.
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